Black Screen Video Chat


Do the clients and the server has the correct routing to reach each other, as they are in different networks?

So jvb address is not, but it is Cause in the logs I saw it advertises itself as and clients will try using that address.


Do you experience the same on and


The jvb advertises the correct address, I sanitized the logs prior to posting them.

Connecting to from a standard home internet style connection yields the same results.


Is this about the camera? Or that you don’t see video when using


Camera errors out in chrome same on my self hosted server and firefox has no video (which is an old version of firefox)


So if the camera errors you see on and on, there is nothing we can do about it. As you see it on chrome and firefox I suspect this is a driver issue.


I’m not quite sure how it would be a driver issue if it works fine with other run of the mill video conferencing software? I’m not a hardware engineer but, drivers are usually an all or none kinda deal.


So is jitsi not really a turn key solution yet?


What do you mean by that? With one command you can install and use it. I’m doing it on DO on regular basis to test some stuff, and it takes around 3-4 minutes to have it running, where most of the time I’m waiting for the VM to be created and started.
For we use AWS.

So it doesn’t work with Chrome, it doesn’t work with Firefox. It doesn’t work with, it doesn’t work with These are four different software, the only point where all meet is the OS and the camera drivers.
So my point is that if it doesn’t work with the two major browsers and which is google’s webrtc test app, I doubt we can do anything to make it work.


So I tried going to, I’m failing a few of the camera settings in both browsers and intermittently on microphone. I’m going to investigate those issues along with installing a test.webrtc server locally and test as well. I will follow up once that’s done, I appreciate all the help so far.

Turn Key Solution meaning a full on webrtc video conferencing solution ready for use in a corporate environment (I know it supports authentication but that needs to be configured after the fact).