Black screen - no audio, no video

Hi all,

after having jitsi installed, i can access the server with jitsi client or brower, enter a room name, and it enters to a black screen, no audio, no video.

Any hint? mic and camera are enabled at browser and also jitsi client.

Thx in advance.

Hello, Pw44.Have you solved your problem? I have the same problem.

No, did not solve and also got not support, no hint.


I think the community needs more information… First, can you join a meeting from the same browser at:

Does that work for you?

Does this mean you install your own server? Did you use Let’s Encrypt certificates?

Maybe you can enable the Chrome Developer Console and share the logs? works as expected.

Yes, my own server. Certificates are mine and works :slight_smile:

Can you please educate me in sharing this logs?