Black Screen in own Jitsi Meet Server

Hi, I have been using Jitsi embedded in my website with your proprietary server for some time and everything worked. A few days ago I installed the Jitsi Server on my Raspberry with Ubuntu Server. I configured everything and generated the self certificate. If I connect within the same LAN everything works fine. If I connect from outside the LAN I have a black screen cam and the microphone cannot be heard. Is there any configuration in particular? Thanks

Port forwarding maybe, or do you see any errors in the js console of the browser.

I’ve opened 80, 443, 4443, 10000 on TCP connection on my router and it seems to work because I can open web page (80) out of my LAN. I’ve not checked the console. I’ll try and I’ll write you. Thanks for now

That needs to be UDP - 10000/UDP

Oops :-S … thank you, I’l try soon