Black screen from ios and android [SOLVED]



I have installed Jitsi Meet on my own Ubuntu server following this tutorial step by step and everything is ok.

I have not used dns name (my public IP directly). and I used the option of
self-signed certificate (let’s encrypt).

From a PC with Chrome, when I access my public IP, I receive the typical warning that the certificate is not valid. After that warning everything works correctly. I have created a room and from other pcs (with Chrome too) and with different networks everything works great.

However, in Android and iOS does not work. In both receive a black screen

Could it be because the certificate is not trusted? If I make the demo of the web of jitsi works everything correct (iOS and Android)

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english!



This is known and is a mobile limitation, where mobile cannot work with self-signed certificates.
Install Let’s Encrypt certificates and it should work.

You should not see any certificate warning on the desktop when using let’s encrypt certificates.


Thank you very much for your comment.

Now using dns name everything works correctly with Let’s Encrypt. (web, android and ios)



Installing a letsencrypt cert did not solve the problem.
I’m using jitsi-meet on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS configured with nginx fresh domain and everything. :frowning:
it does notify that the user from android has joined the chat but no video/sound is transmitted between them.
it works with tho
any suggestions ?