Bitrate Issues when low meets hight motion in frames

We`re currently trying to figure out, how we could improve the experience of a lack free stream when the stream comes from “low motion” to “high motion”.

We experienced a very slow increase in frame rates, which we would like to eliminate.

Basically we have one “main stream” (our lecturer) and a lot of students that are listen to him. The lecturer is inside a virtual studio and when he’s giving a presentation and he’s not moving a lot, we expect the Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm to decrease, when the lecturer then switches to something with more motion or the camera is moving, the framerate increasing is to slow.

Someone has any idea what we could try to optimize?
We use the videobridge, mainly VP8 with VP9 and we have simulcast enabled.

You mean while screen-sharing?

No, just during a stream from webcam (virtual)

Generally speaking a normal camera should have a constant framerate. Bitrate may go up and down a bit. What framerate do you observe?

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)
This is our observed framerate/s, especially when it comes to movement, the framerate drops. Actually, this graph is better than most (according to the experience from our studio team).

That actually looks pretty decent. I’m not sure you can get it much better.

Yeah, I do think so also.
We’re currently trying to setup a test environemnt with repeatable measurements, I’ll come back to this when we’re able to make comparisons and some more “real” data :slight_smile:

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