Bind custom params to jitsi server and front end

How I can add custom params to jitsi participant to use in jitsi server and front end with iframe,
like example
I got own user id - 1 , but jitsi id is in hex - “1b82f739”, i want to bind somethings like

participantId : “1b82f739”
own_id : “1”,
name : “blablabla”

for me to recognise this is the participant I want to search with my own id. (without modifying react code.)

Thanks in advance.

Use jwt where you put your id in the user context and enable jitsi-meet/mod_presence_identity.lua at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub so all your participants will carry this info.

Hi, I enabled the module_presence_identity but how I going to get the token info on iframe ? I tried with getParticipantsInfo also cannot get it. Thanks.

I also tried to read the event.origin on module : hook ( “muc-broadcast-message”, function ( event ) to get context_user but event.origin is nil

but I can see the token info print out from conference.js in browser console.


Yeah, you may need to bubble up that info from lib-jitsi-meet… need to check the code when. I’m in front of the computer

Mean I need to modify from lib-jitsi-meet and recompile ?


Yep, this info till now is used only by jibri. You can actually access it the same way, find the member and get its identity.

But this is not available through the iframeAPI.

Thanks, I will try study and modify it.

Thanks a lot @damencho

Hi @damencho I got another issue.

When I tried join from iframe I got this error in jicofo

JitsiMeetConferenceImpl.onSessionTerminate#1050: Ignored session-terminate for invalid session: Participant[]@718128001, bridge session ID: null restart: false

and front end will show

“Rejecting session -initiate from non-focus. Script: null Line: null Column”

but when I direct run from my server without using iframe no issue at all. Any idea?


If that is jibri, it is expected. Jibri always goes through the bridge, never joins p2p

Not jibri, I disable the p2p for 2 participants for testing with jvb.