Best Way To Prevent Unauthorized guested

What is the best way to prevent unauthorized guests from joining a conference

I think this one:
first: set up Secure Domain

(just do the stuff UNDER the “Secure Domain” Headline)

After set-up create the room with the authorized user, add a password,
and then anonymous users can login only with the correct password.

Andy Salay

You can:

  1. Set a password on the call (small “i” at the bottom right corner of the chat window)
  2. Use secure domains to prevent unauthorized people from creating new rooms without authenticating to the server.

And by the way, here is, by far, the simplest and most complete guide I have found online on setting-up your own jitsi server and using secure domain:

It is also recent and up-to-date.

There is also a good video tutorial by spaceinvaderone on youtube if you want to install it in a docker container under UNRAID… I would assume that it could work for regular docker container, but I have never done such a thing appart from testing on my UNRAID server at home…