Best way to export room data (not aggregate statistics)

Looking at the statistics data that can be retrieved it seems it’s all aggregate data but not specific to an identifiable room.

We’re looking at a way to export for example below data per room.

Room name; Start; End; Number of participants

Is there an existing way to get this data?

Jicofo log analyzer

Exactly what we need! Thank you so much!

Hi is it possible to get this data from a time series perspective. Like Conferences done during the day and list of participants per conference. Also, will this work with Jitsi Docker.

jicofo log has only the users IDs, not the names…

I don’t know how the Docker installation keeps the Jicofo logs. The script will work if the Jicofo log exists in an accessable location

Does jitsi support or plan to support a learning dashboard similar to that of BBB?

There are already speakerstats and polls available.

Right. However, both do not achieve the same result. In particular, it is not possible to export speakerstats and have a good evaluation of user activity as in the learning dashboard. Since jitsi now integrates a good whiteboard, this is the last missing piece to be on a par with BBB or other video conferencing services.

You can export speaker stats to a service of your choice from the backend at the end of the meeting and do your specific evaluations there.

Ok so you are confirming that jitsi does not have it. Thank you