Best way to custom home page

Hello !
I’ve installed a jitsi instance with Docker, and I was looking for the best way to make a new jitsi meet home page. By new, I mean fully change it, not only the logo and some text, like this

First, i’ve tryed to change the page using JavaScript and DOM, but if the default jitsi meet page changes, mine would too, and my goal is to make something that would last in time, even with new jitsi releases.

Then, I’ve found this tutorial (in french, didn’t found english sorry)—regarder-pousser and it looks like a very complicated way to add a new html page as home page. It also seems a bit old and not adapted to docker.

I think changing the index.html in usr/share/jitsi-meet/ could be a solution too, but it means adding it each time I restart docker.

I hope I’ve been clear enough,
Thanks !

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Does anyone got an answer, or at least recommendations ?


I may suggest another way of doing it if you don’t want to change jitsi’s core.
Make a simple index.html file, make nginx point to it at the root of your domain (like . Generating a room is simply by access it by an URL, so you could just setup a really simple input text with a button that take that input value et just redirect user to that url.

In the config file of jitsi, you should be able to redirect to your root path ( ‘/’ ) instead of the closepage for exemple

If you need any help in french, tell me

Thanks for your reply,

I tried to do this, and after understanding how nginx works, I made it works. But the problem was : if I wanted to put a link (to an image for example), the default path was still the one to the jitsi-meet-cfg/ folder (which I configured in my .env file).
Why do you say it is simpler to do a redirection than replacing index.html in my jitsi-meet-cfg/ folder ?

I think it could help some other people, so it is better to keep the topic in english ! Thank you

Yes, I exactly means that : a redirection would be simple

For your assets, you could also add a location in your nginx configuration (the .jitsi-meet-cfg folder should be persistant, right ? So you don’t loose it) to an asset folder
There is some tips here NGINX Docs | Serving Static Content

Does that mean I have to copy my folder with my .html files and my assets in my jitsi meet container each time I want to deploy it, or there is a way to point a location outside the container in my .conf file (which is inside the container). It sounds a bit dumb, but I may have to deploy my jitsi instance multiple times, so I’m looking for the easiest way to do

Thanks again !


I tried customizing the homepage with NGINX redirects I never succeeded :-(.
So I proceeded in 3 steps

  1. I created a custom.css by adding a file in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/css

  2. I created a call in the file /usr/share/jitsi-meet/plugin-head.html by adding this line : < link rel=“stylesheet” href=“css/custom.css”>

  3. I customized by using this file: /usr/share/jitsi-meet/static/welcomePageAdditionalContent.html

I’m not sure it’s academic but it works well to a point.

Hope it help you.


I thing what you did works well for small changes, but my goal here is to make a completely new html page.
For the nginx redirection, I’m still learning, but when I added

rewrite ^\/$ break;
location ^~ /accueil/ {
     alias /var/www/accueil/;

my custom html page (here index.html was in var/www/accueil/ folder) was displayed at

Oh I see.

I’m not capable right now of giving you example but your container is surely running on a server, right ?
This server should have a nginx or an Apache to manage this.
I’d make an assumption that it will overwrite docker’s nginx routes.

Just to be sure, your jitsi-meet-cfg folder is outside your container, right ? And when you make changes to it, it automaticly reflect inside your container.

So, this folder should actually never change (only if you make a jitsi upgrade?).

Tho for accessing host machine, I’ve found this little forum post which contain some useful information Accessing host machine from within docker container - #4 by garadox - Docker Desktop for Mac - Docker Forums

I hope it help, sorry if not :frowning:

Good luck with that

Yes my container runs on a Debian server, and my jitsi-meet-cfg folder is created on the server when I run docker. Also when I make changes in the folder, for example in config.js, changes are automatically made in my container.

Ty for the forum, it looks nice. I think copying a folder in my container with all I will need may be simpler.