Best tutorial to install Jitsi (self-hosting)


I tried the official self-hosting guides (Ubuntu and Docker). But I don’t found them easy. A lot of thing are not clear.
So, I tried the jitsi server droplet. But here again, I’ve an error when I do what’s written.

Is there some clear and precise tutorials (or droplets, images, …) that just works?

What’s not clear in Debian/Ubuntu guide?

Copy paste of the commands mentioned in it works just fine.

I tried it (only with Let’sencrypt) multiple time on a OVH instance with Ubuntu and I can’t make it work (I’m not a sysadmin).
Maybe, I’d like a tutorial with a specific ubuntu version, a specific server… or maybe a Droplet.

Actually, the best I got with the Ubuntu guide was : jitsi working with 2 peoples no more. With Docker, the server doesn’t respond…

The instructions, executed without missing any, would work on AWS instances with Ubuntu and Debian(besides others)

You may try using GitHub - pregalla/jitsi: Installer for Jitsi, Jigasi, and Jibri

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What is it that you hope to achieve by having your own Jitsi server?

For me it was to help a small PC Linux users group meet virtually during these challenging times.

I have only this year (started in January) built my own self-hosting Jitsi-Meet instance.
That said, I did already have the infrastructure in place to be able to install a Jitsi-meet instance, that helps, or for me it was required.

If there are things you do not understand, please ask. PM me if you want.