Best Server but cheap for Jitsi

Hello everyone, am kind of new to this Linux hosting thing

am building a mobile application for an organization (using Flutter) and they are interested to make use of Jitsi for their video conference and they have active 5,000 users.

They have what is called home Cells, meaning each home cell leader can initiate a meeting and a minimum of 200 participants will be in the meeting session

and of course, they want to change the Jitsi logo to their Organization brand.

please I don’t know how to go further than this.

Where can I get a reliable and cheap server that can host Jitsi?

thanks, everyone for pointing me in the right direction!

That totally depends on what country you are from, what requirements your customer has (i.e. concerning data protection laws), where the participants are located…

Am from Nigeria,
regarding Data protection laws, there is none in view