Best practice to customize interface_config.js

I see file /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js comes with software packages, and this means that it will be overwritten with package updates.

I’ve tried to customize its interfaceConfig{} values at /etc/jitsi/meet/ but no effect (or I don’t know right syntax for that JavaScript array).
How can I setup any of that settings without losing them on software upgrades?

You can copy interface config in your /etc/jitsi/meet folder and in your webserver add a second location mapping similar to the config.js one, so the file will be served from /etc/ not from /usr/share …

FEATURE REQUEST: Allow to interfaceConfig{} values be configured in /etc/jitsi/meet/

This way a local customization can be preserved through software updates, and settings management can be more consistent.

As @damencho said you can add this stanza to your nginx virtualhost config:

    location = /interface_config.js {
        alias /etc/jitsi/meet/YOUR_DOMAIN-interface_config.js;

So your customization will survive upgrades.


maxxer and damencho you are talking about a full replacement; not a customization of some settings.
If an upgrade comes with more properties configured, with a file replacement those are lost if you didn’t copy them to customized file.
What if I only want to customize this?


Then do that and remember to update it on next upgrade. Configuration is something we wanted to change for long time, but we could not, there are many moving pieces there and we always cannot find time doing that …
For example I had the tasks to move interface config to be in /etc/jitsi for years … and being postponing it. If it is there and you do modification, your upgrade will stop and will show you a diff asking you which version to use …

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hello, I am trying to customize this file but seriously cannot understand how to do it.
i modified the file but no changes are applied…
is there a DUMMY guide explaining how to do it, without giving for granted any step?

what exactly are you trying to modify?

I have probably fond a better solution…
I was trying to edit interface_config.js file and IT WORKED, but for a cache problem at the beggining I couldnt’ see any difference.
in any case I am on my custome server and it’s working.

I would go on inline modification though, when initializing the api rather than the master config file, in this way I can have different instances with custom properties :slight_smile: