Best option for video call/consult

Hi! Im Matias from Argentina.

I m currently adding jitsi as a service (JAAS) to a web page i have developed
In the future, the same page may get displayed inside an app with the webView function.

The page runs an interview over the visitor, and then displays some results according to the data that the user entered, lastly, offers a video consult with a professional (i have all the entered info deposited in variables so i can send them to the professional via e mail, or whatever)

so what i need to offer are private one-on-one video calls
what would the best option be?

I was thinking of hiding the JITSI iframe div -until- a correct code/password is entered in some textfield
(the password will be sent to the client after he pays, and change after a video call finishes, etc.)

The other option was letting people in, and wait in the lobby for free (then i could even give them help about making payments, talk to them), but they will count as a MAU, ain them?

Thanks in advance!

is my english so ugly that nobody answers? jajaja let me know if i didnt explain myself!

You should contact JAAS support . They will help u out faster as u have a paid suscription.

creo que en el momento que generas el JWT para tu usuario ese cuenta como usuario único … pero no tengo cuenta con jaas así que no estoy seguro