Best JitsiMeetExternalAPI configuration for small hardware as RPI 3B


I’m developing a video chat (most of time 1-1 chat) on a website that is opened on a Raspberri pi 3B ( 1GB RAM and ARM Cortex A53 (Quad core 1.2GHz).
I would like to know if there is a great config to let it runs smoothly even with this tiny config ? I’m asking because soon as the second person join the meet, the CPU reach like instant 100% !
I tried many tricks but here is my config for now:

width: '80%',
height: '80%',
parentNode: document.querySelector(nodeName),
disableAudioLevels: true,
enableLayerSuspension: true,
interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
  filmStripOnly: false,
  disableAudioLevels: true,
  enableLayerSuspension: true

Because it’s for elder people I chose to maintain a big iframe on their FHD tv (eq 80% of screen). It is run by chromium-browser on a fullscreen mode.

Here are my questions:

  • Is it possible to no render current user’s video and just show the other person’s ?
  • I tried to suppress the live rendering of sound equalizer but without any result, how can i disable this to gain CPU ?
  • If there is no chance to gain CPU and have a fluent experience on this Raspberry pi version, could a RPI 4 do the job (2GB or 4GB version) ?

Thanks for your answers !

You could try and follow these instructions for the rPi4.