Best configuration for users with Low Bandwidth(bad internet)

hi jitsi,

we deployed a self-hosted jitsi-meet for a while and are absolutely in love with it,
but there are some problems for a number of our users that seem because of a bad or slow internet connection.

for example, videos of other participants suddenly turns off with a message that says “Video for {{displayName}} has been turned off to save bandwidth”.

  1. how can we make sure the problem is only the user’s internet?
  2. is there some configuration that works best for these kinds of users? for example instead of turning off the video just decrease the video quality and keep showing.
  3. in general, what is the best configuration for jitsi and jvbs to handle participants with low internet quality?

(our current version is stable_6726)

Thank you for reading this

You can try setting resolution constraints in your config.js so lower resolutions are requested. Also, consider using VP9.

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thank you :heart: