Benchmark test of resources usasge and bandwidth that jitsi needs

Hello, How can i test the resources usage (memory and processor) and bandwidth that jitsi needs ? I need to know how i setup my server specifications should be. Is there any tool for that?

sorry for my bad english. i would apricciate any help.

Hello all,

I am also interested in benchmarking the resource usage (eg cpu, memory, network etc) for a single video conference . If anybody has done any work or know of any such work done, or even how to do this kind of benchmarking, please let us know here.

Thank you

how are you benchmarking now? How many users?
It kind of requires specific dedicated monitoring…

I think i can help you message me we can work on this together do you have a working jitsi send me your mail

You can monitor your resource of Jitsi meet Server like CPU or Ram with htop / top command.

I always use these command for monitor resource of my server

give us some results?