Beginning with Jitsi

Hello, I em represent a public institute in Brazil and we are going to begin soon with online classes.I am new in Jitsi and I am very interested, however I can’t find all the information that I need and this was the only place that I found to make contact. Can someone tell me if there is not any Support Contact?

For the classes it would be important that we could do sub-meetings and that one then a person could also configure the meeting (so that the teacher doesn’t have to worry about it).

Thank you

Great place to start with.
You can read this answer to get familiar with jitsi-meet .
After getting yourself familiar, you can setup jitsi-server using this official guide.
Or if you want video tutorial for same, you can watch this .
And if you want to record all your meetings, you will need to setup jibri, watch this.
If there’s anything you feel not confident about, feel free to combe back here, everybody would love to help you here!
Good day!

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