Become moderator with password?

Is there a way to become moderator in room by a general password ?


Nope, there is no such feature at the moment.

On slef-hosted default deployment makes the first to join a moderator and a random one is elected when that participants drop.

I would love to see such feature to be implemented. Having a self host with recurring class (same room name) and sometimes attendees are first connected. Having a general/per room password could be very handy and I think easy to setup.

Admin could setup a password file like with room: and another default password for non-existing entry

If you did the “secure domain” config, it would mean you had a registered user, who enters a username and password, to become a moderator.

But it would also mean other users were left outside the room (they cannot start it themselves) under a moderator joined.

I haven’t setup the “secure domain” config, mostly because of the lock room part. I’ll look into it but i like that people can get in the room freely and start talking about the project they are working on even if the moderator/project manager isn’t there yet. Once arrived he can take full control of the room by using his password

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If you take a random pc/virtual machine and let a (Jitsi admin)user log into / create all the rooms you need and leave that running.

Then everyone can join as guest and none of them become a moderator. When the real moderator arrives, he logs in (authenticates) as well and is then also granted moderator rights. I think this would work-around the issue you’re having.

Same here, if you someting like a webinar, you people that login 2 hours before it starts. You want to be able to take control, en you don’t wan’t to block te room with a password.