Basic questions

Hello, am currently using the own server of jitsi for my application. I have some questions that

  1. when lobby is enabled and if anyone enter the meeting, asking to accept not only in admin also in the other account like public so anyone can accept or reject. Any solution for only the user who create only can accept it

  2. If lobby is enabled by admin and if admin accidently exit from meeting usually ask admin to request join and but any possibility for admit to join without approval

  3. Will the person who create the meeting, will he can set password before he entered into the meeting

  4. Can we able to set a prompt to ask name before he enters the meeting ( default as FellowJitsier )

  5. I created a new meeting with 5 user and when 6th one joined but his camera seems to be muted

Standard config means all moderators can accept lobby knockings. There is no easy way to change that, and it causes no problems to 99% of users unless they enable all moderators plugin. If this is a problem best way is to disable all moderators plugin, short of that you will have to resort to custom development.

if this is a problem best way is for the room creator to set a room password and then admin has no problem to join back, entering the password will bypass the lobby

that’s not possible by default because the meeting does not exist before it’s entered. Persistent rooms can be enabled on Jitsi - I think this use case has been addressed many times on this forum, search it - but even in this case the moderator can’t create a new room with any name, only pre-created rooms can have their passwords set in advance.

prejoin screen has a field where it’s possible to enter a nickname,entering one can be made mandatory by setting requireDisplayName in config;js

please don’t use a forum to post a bunch of totally unrelated questions, it may you look as a person searching for a free personal coach.

Thank you friend, the most question are cleared. But a question that why the video getting muted after a specific person, if anyone know i can resolve it. I will again check it and let you know @gpatel-fr