Basic... How do I download JITSE onto a PC laptop which does not have Google Play?

The title says it all. I must be doing it wrong. I am clicking ‘download’, It takes me to my Google account (???) and tells me that my device is not associated with Google Play. They’re right. It isn’t and I do not see how it can be.

Is there a straightforward way to download Jitse like any normal download?

I would be most grateful for an answer!


I do not fully understand what you do, but I will try to explain Jitsi and hopefully you can figure out what goes wrong.

Jitsi Meet is a system with a central server. You can connect to it and use it with your own browser (chrome, firefox) to have a conference with other people (2-70 people). It is very unlikely you want to have your own server. You can use or one of the many other open servers.

If you want to use Jitsi on your phone or tablet you need an app from Google Play. If you want to have an app on a PC (instead of your browser), you can install jitsi-meet-electron.

To complicate things, a few years ago the same group of developers made Jitsi Desktop. Since Jitsi Meet became mature few people use it. You probably do not want to use this.

Hugely helpful! Thank you. It was easier than I was making it. Charles