base Debian to Jitsi in under 4 minutes & with auth required to create room & set room password

base Debian to Jitsi in under 4 minutes & with auth required to create room & set room password

cat /etc/debian_version


df -h -x tmpfs -x devtmpfs

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/vda1 2.9G 1.1G 1.8G 37% /

du -sh /var/cache/apt/archives

206M /var/cache/apt/archives

time sh -c ‘wget -q -N && [ -s 2jitsi ] && chmod u+x 2jitsi && ./2jitsi’

real 3m3.544s
user 1m24.895s
sys 0m22.828s

Bit of background and caveats.

That host had /var/cache/apt/archives pre-seeded (from earlier installs)
with the requisite packages - so that cut out most all the download time.

The time did include some manual entry - notably when prompted for
domain and what kind of cert to use/create, and also time to
manually enter data to create a base set of 3 authenticated Jitsi users.
May well have been under 3 minutes if I typed fair bit faster. :slight_smile:

No guarantees the program will be indefinitely at:
That’s also not a high availability site (so if it’s down/unavailable,
probably just try again in some hour(s) or day(s) or so … it sits
atop personal laptop … so, sometimes it’s not there, or doing other

The example and that program uses certs that are
already pre-seeded in the customary locations under /etc/letsencrypt/

The program presumes host is direct on The Internet - no NAT/SNAT
or firewalls or the like, etc.

The program also doesn’t do any system tuning for more significant
(e.g. production) usage/load of Jitsi on host. Probably fine for
testing small handful of simultaneous users, but not necessarily
beyond that without first doing the relevant system tuning. is shown substituted in for the actual domain used.

Read the program for additional caveats, etc.

Standard disclaimers apply - no guarantees, no warranty, etc.

Feel free to use the program as one may wish (copy, modify, …)

Bit more background:

Program basically “evolved” to solve an issue.
I was trying to get the authentication set up such that
authentication was required to create a room - but not to join
an existing room. Though well documented, I wasn’t quite getting
it to work properly (seems many other folks hit issues on this
too). Anyway, to troubleshoot/isolate, I wanted reproducibility
of the issue. So … worked on program to take a base Debian
install up to installed Jitsi system. Anyway, kept evolving
the script until … well, not only got Jitsi successfully
installed, but even got the auth bits working as desired.

Anyway, thought maybe some Jitsi folks might also be interested in
the program (or parts thereof) and information.

Probably quite feasible to also modify to handle for Ubuntu - but I’d
not done that, as I wasn’t targeting Ubuntu.

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