Bandwidth requirements?

This may be an easy question to answer but I did not find a post about this:

I need to decide whether the school could reasonably host Jitsi Meet on their local infrastructure, or if they need to rent an external server. My assumption is that the bottleneck is not the server hardware, but the down/upload link of the site running the server.

What are the bandwidth requirements when running Jitsi Meet in a Docker on my own server? Is there a rough estimate on bandwidth consumption per user?

What sort of connection do you have, and how many users are you looking to support?

Figure 1-3Mbit upload per user (could be slightly less), then download that’s a lower bandwidth stream to each user except for the main person talking - so maybe 0.3-0.5Mbit per user on the conference, to each user on the conference. Bandwidth gets silly in a hurry with large user counts.

In an area with fairly poor internet infrastructure, so far from the worst case, I see about 2 megabytes per second with a 15 user conference - both up and down. So around 20Mbit up, 20Mbit down. It could be higher if everyone has a good connection.

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Thank you - I take your values as ballpark numbers, and it sounds reasonably doable.

I don’t yet know the actual bandwidth we could get for this purpose but knowing your figures will help us understand what we would need to request.