Bandwidth estimation bug fixes

Hi guys,

I heard on the last community call that you mentioned some new work will be completed on some bandwidth estimation bug fixes.

I’m pretty certain we suffer from this in our deployment in some circumstances.

Can you please keep me updated on this thread with your progress?

Also is there a specific version of JVB we’ll need to run for these fixes to apply? (JVB 2.0 presumably)

Thanks as always

We’re just about to merge it into JVB master. The PR for that is here

And yes, it’ll be jvb 2.0 obviously. I’ll try and remember to post the version we build after this goes in.

Great, thanks Brian!


Np. These are in jvb 2.0-45-g2cce9de. Issues with that version, see below.

A heads up, we found a bug in that version (NPE). Fix (and new version) incoming.

Noted. thanks. We’ll wait to hear back.

I see jvb 2.0-46-g9c94197 posted. Is this the fix? Thx

It is, but we found another subtle issue there causing issues with the REST API…been a long Friday :slight_smile: Hope to have things back to stable soon.

Ok, 2.0-47-ge8cc9d3 is looking good.

Great. Thank you @bbaldino :+1: We all appreciate the hard work and have a great weekend!

We updated and so far so good. We’ll test with some connections on Monday we know had difficulty before too. Thx

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