Bandwidth cost modeling

Zoom really offers exciting features at such a low price comparing others… but we also should consider that when someone is offering you something with a better outlook at a lower price than the market price, there should be some hidden area where he is recovering his profit (normally) in which many doesn’t look into or care about. This can be selling user info, case study reports, backdoor, etc which is really high priced in the black market of tech giants or advertisement business. I am not a pro but I am really suspicious about them. but if they are really clear about all this then they really deserve appreciation.

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Zoom - turning on someone’s camera using SQL injection vulnerability
@Fuji zoom’s security !!

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Another point regarding bandwitch would be the rate needed with an SFU.

I’m looking for dedicated servers and at most they have 4Gbps/s unmetered and guaranteeded.
Can someone recommend me what public bandwitch in Gbps would I need for Jitsi Meet?