Bandwidth cost modeling


Do anyone have any Excel spreadsheet model to model bandwidth costs to run a Jitsi SFU?

For example, I’d like to understand how much it costs on bandwidth on AWS ($0.09/GB) to do a 5-person Jitsi call for 1 hour.

Any help much appreciated!


Hey, this really depends on a lot of factors. Here is a very rough estimate:

5 x Chrome with simulcast in 720p:
in: 54=20 Mbit/s
out: 5+4
0.2=5.8 Mbit/s (one person on large and 4 thumbnails)
approximately 26Mbit/s so for an hour ~12GB * 0.09 = $1

5 x Firefox (no simulcast), this changes only what goes out of the server it will be same as input so 40 Mbit/s, and for an hour ~18GB * 0.09 = $1.6

And these are very rough (if correct) and in best conditions. If you change the UI to Brady bunch everything changes when using simulcast (to lower values).
Here are the values for the bandwidth used by different layers