Bandwidth cost and speed test

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Trust all is well. Further, we are developing doctor patients management app and has integrated sdk for voice and video calls.

Please help me to understand the server cost ( usd)for a voice and video session of 10 mins as we are using aws and how we can identify that the recipient network is weak.

Also, how many concurrent user can use at a time ?

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I’m happy with Jitsi

Jitsi shows “network connection indicator” on screen.

For a voice-only conference, expect less than 100 kbps, for a videoconference, (if the traffic is sent through the videobridge), up to 6-8 mbps in your worst case (with HD quality on both ends). Simply multiply by seconds, divide by bytes and check AWS bandwith pricing on your desired regions.

When there’s only 2 participants on a conference, by default, they are connected using P2P mode, so the traffic isn’t loading your servers neither using your AWS bandwith.

With a 8 CPU, 32 GB RAM box you should be able to host at least 80 concurrent sessions (going through the videobridge on the same box) or more than 200 if it’s on P2P mode.

We’re drafting a similar solution for up to 500 concurrent patients :slight_smile:

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