Bandwidth allocator stops screen sharing even on a call with two participants

I have a Jitsi test environment that in LAN. During a simple test on a voice call (no videos) with two participants, when sharing the screen we get the message about “Screen sharing has been turned off to save bandwidth”.
To which connection is this message referred? The the one of who share the screen? To the receiver? To the total bandwidth on the server?
Anyway, since we are in LAN with 1gbit/s connections, this sounds quite strange. Is there anything I may check or change?

Thank you,

The message means the receiver can’t cope.

Bandwidth is not everything, if the connection has packet loss the estimator will start backing off.

Does your setup work with 3 participants?

I just made a test and the problem was present with three users as well, both for video and screen sharing. I switched from Mozilla Firefox on Linux to Google Chrome on Linux and the problem disappeared. Firefox is version 109.

Do you have coturn server?

Does chrome work with 3 participants if you stop coturn?

Hello @emrah,
yes, I do have coturn installed and running on the jitsi host.
No, when I stop coturn, and restart two Google Chrome browsers without restarting JVB, the video does not stop working. I will be able to check with three clients on Monday.