Ban Bad Nicks or User names

Hello Jitsi Community!

One of the important feature we are missing is ban; ban bad nicks or usernames (abusers). Is there a module already for it or does it need some time to be made?

Thank you.

This can be implemented as a custom prosody module. But it is very environment specific so there is no common way to handle that. An example is or any large-scale environment like that. You need a special centralized service for that, as this cannot be done just for the current shard that is used for the current meeting.

Using jwt for your deployment that is easily controlled by the service creating the jitsi tokens that is already controlling the authentication out of the scope of jitsi. Your authentication service will stop producing jwt tokens for a use and that user will no longer be able to join meetings.
So if you are using jwt tokens this is already handled by the tokens.