Balancing jvb behind Nat throught LoadBalancer

Hello. i want to be sure about it.

On this topic, user Boris said, there is a possibility to use public IP on three diffrent jvbs behind nat.

What i want, is to make calls throught tcp port, instead of UDP).

So, in there three jvb instances and can simply fill out HARVESTER LOCAL IP and local-behind-nat ip, and PUBLIC and IP with one PUBLIC IP?

UDP transfer in my local network is possible, but is there very limited to public zone, so i want use TCP.

Hi @Marcin_Gadowski, welcome to the Jitsi community!

Take a look at there you’ll see the options necessary to setup TCP support.

However, I urge you to reconsider. Media over TCP will give you worse quality, and all you need is 1 open UDP port for any number of participants.

I would like prefer UDP, maybe i will do that. BUT, still, i want have single Public IP(LB) and for example, three jvb in local IP. Is there possibility to that?(Using UDP or TCP)?

You could have multiple JVBs listening on a different port each. Why do you want to do this, for load balancing? Note that if you use multiple bridges jicofo will already balance the load between them.

You can configure the bridges to use different ports (instead of 10000).

Thank you for all informations. I’ve forced in my company to have more than one public ip for videobrigdes, and i balancing a web apps througth the LoadBalancer and everything going fine.

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