Bad video quality of one way screen sharing in latest JVB-2.0


We observed the bad video quality in one-way screen sharing case with latest JVB. The use case is,

  1. Moderator shares his screen
  2. Participant joins the room to get moderator’s screen
  3. No audio

Only moderator shares his screen, there can be many participants in the room.

With the new JVB (April 1st version and commit c5b5f463 on Feb 19), we observed some video artifacts (please refer the attached screen shot, and pay attention to the fuzziness around the number

) when three or more participants join the room.

However, with old JVB (last Oct 18 version e8cc9d3c6736eecbb437c8f53ad0977a899654a5), we did not observe the artifacts.

You can observe the issue with following site.

Please click the vertical three dot at the top right to choose different versions, the prod (Default) is for version of Oct 18), the is for version of c5b5f463 on Feb 19).

We use online stop-watch to start a stop watch and observe the behaviour (share the screen of stop watch page)

Any idea what change causes the artifacts?

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It turned out that the RTP library version of 1.0-31-ge00c30a caused the issue. The previous release of RTP library 1.0-29-g61aed13 is good.

The major change between ge00c30a and g61aed13 is the use of companion object.

This is really weird, but the effect with/without companion object is immediately noticeable.

Any thoughts?



We are also facing issue of screen sharing getting blurred. Jitsi setup is on Docker.
JVB image being used has Digest: “a111a620c795ed44e9f07f0dd5c968c8ce8646cbc0ade687ded6af17c5b46a5b” (jitsi/jvb:4416)

Already tried increasing desktop sharing frame rate to 30fps(both min/max)

This happens even when only 2 participants are there.

Can anything be done for this.

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I’m facing the exact same issue, did you get any solution to this.

I tried both the docker & quick install on VM, it is happening at both.

Webrtc-internals may give you more insight on the issue. On the sender side, please look at the sender frame rate, sender bit rate, packet loss. On the receiver side, please look the received frame rate, received bit rate.

Jistsi horrible screen sharing is the reason I can not get my users back from zoom :frowning:

Sorry, just seeing this thread. It seems very surprising that that RTP change is causing this. Are you sure the JVB didn’t change anything else as part of that change? Or are you not seeing this issue anymore @kaiduan ?

Sorry for the late response, I was on vacation last two weeks. I was also surprised the above RTP change caused the issue.

We are having the same issue. We are using the docker version of jitsi. How do I check what version of RTP library we have?

We’re facing a similar issue.

During meetings of two participants and greater have experienced blurry screens during screen sharing. This improves after some time of leaving the screen fixed on a location.

Has anybody seen this before? What was your resolution?

We are entirely on-premises using docker.

We are facing the same issue

I am seeing the same issue. Has anyone have a solution for this?

@Anshul_Sehgal how did you resolve the issue?

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