Bad performance

Hej guys

I am using the docker image to run Jitsi meet webconference service. I am using Hetzner’s CX51 to run this service.


Hoped, that ressources will be enough. But at any time more than 12 receipients in the meeting the quality and stability gets lost. Members will be kicked off and need to reconnect.

Is there a way to increase the quality? Or is 12 members the limit for this kind of setup I need to accept?

If I check the graph while a webmeeting, I can see that less then the half of the ressources on server is in use. So I guessed it could handle about 20 members.

Any idea or hint is highly appreciated.

Kind regards

It all depends on the location, internet speeds etc of your members, if you stop the audiolevel (disableAudioLevels config option) this is known to speed it up. You’ll just lose the graphical audio level thing in the Jitsi frontend.

You can also ensure users come in muted and unmute when it’s they need to say something, or most members come in without cam etc

Checkout server available bandwidth

at this price I think you have a virtual server, that is, shared CPU with neighbours that can be noisy. With OVH - considered as much cheaper than Hetzner - a dedicated server with 4 Cpu / 8 threads costs 52 € per month. I’m not sure but IIRC with Hetzner there is a button that reveals the price for a dedicated server with same configuration. The difference is very steep. There is a reason for that. Sure, for a Web server you will not need the power of a dedicated server - 200 ms of delay will not be noticeable for anyone but the Google teams. But here it’s a real time workload.