Bad audio qualitiy

Hi folks,

last saturday I hat a meeting on using Jitsi Meet with 17 users, the sound quality was relatively good, even while 5-6 people were talking and the others were muted.

However, when all but one user were muted, the sound quality was significantly reduced. For some users, there was a lag and then the audio went extremely quickly to “catch up”.

For others, the audio was incomprehensible; for others, it was slow or spotty. When the one user stopped presenting, and almost all other users turned their microphones back on, the audio quality returned to normal for all users.

Do you have some tips for me what I can do to prevent this problem.
Thanks a lot in advance

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Could anybody get me a tip for that problem? :grin:

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I am in a Lions Club here in Ireland. I have noticed that the audio quality over the last 3 months using has deteriorated to a point where it is unusable for more than about 6 people. Unfortunately we have had to move to another platform.
I would also be grateful for some ideas because I do not like having to use the alternative with it’s connections…