Background noise with self-hosted Jitsi Meet

Hi, we have installed jitsi (self hosted) in aws EC2 instance (t2.medium).
When we connect with one or many users, we do get some background noise from jitsi.

We have followed the below docs:

  1. Server side: Self-Hosting Guide - Debian/Ubuntu server | Jitsi Meet
  2. Client side: IFrame API | Jitsi Meet

Please advise on this issue.


If you use the same participants/browsers do you reproduce the same on
This sounds like a device issue and has nothing to do with your deployment.

Hi, Sorry for the late reply.
Actually, we have tested directly ( It’s working fine.
When we integrate in our platform, we are getting some background noise from the participants side.
Please advice. Thanks in advance!

What version of jitsi-meet do you use? Are you running it with some modifications?

I think it’s latest version.


My Dev team has deployed. I’m just helping the team to resolve the issue.
I’m basically from Sales background.

This is strange … have you monitor the instance performance? RAM is a little low, I would guess there is some audio delay because of jvb struggling at some point and that produces problems …
You may want to try a bigger instance.

I will try and let you know. Thanks!