Back room for clients to listen to a video call. Is it possible?

I am new here, so if something like this exists I’d appreciate a link to the discussion. Is there any way currently to have a back room? When I say a back room, lets say I am the moderator and have 4 people in the room, I want to have a client of mine be able to listen to the call/see video but not be present in the chat room, where he/she can send the moderator feedback on topics being discussed.

It is possible, but I do have concerns that having this feature easily implemented and widely available could result lead to privacy concerns.

As with recording where users are being made very aware that they are being recorded, should this feature be implemented, the same level of transparency should be applied when users are being monitored. And frankly, if you want it to be clear that someone is there monitoring the conversation, the simplest would just be to simply join as usual but disable your audio/video.

Ya, the use case is for market research purposes where people know they will be recorded. Not for employees of a company.

Understood. Any reason not to have the observer join the room too but just not actively participate in the conversation? i.e. joining with name (observer) and disable video/microphone.

The approach of actually building in a backdoor to silently observe will require you to host your own Jitsi service and apply some customisations. While not technically hard, I suspect you won’t find a lot of help on the public forum since this could be easily abused.

An alternative would be to enable live streaming – so observer would watch the livestream rather than join the call, and Jitsi Meet would make it very clear to users that Live Steaming is enabled. You should be able to find discussions on how to do this on the forum.

Good luck!