AWS Server Installation

Has anyone installed on-premise on AWS?
I would like to know the server configuration for about 100 simultaneous connections.
Processor, RAM, internet link, SSD, etc

on premise isnt aws a cloud platform?

I have installed at Digital Ocean on ubuntu server.
My ubuntu instance has 1 proc, 1 GB RAM, … I’d like to know how many rooms I will be able to run containing 2 people in eact room.

if the stability is a concern, 0 room…
At least 4 vCPUs and 8 GB RAM

Ok, but 4 vCPUs and 8 GB RAM supports only 1 room (in my case always two people in each room)?

I’m trying to get an ideia of how many CPUs and RAM will be needed for start using jitsi server.

This is only for a basic Jitsi server. There can be many concurrent room/conferences at the same time and many people on each room.