AWS Jitsi Meet service

Recently I found this Amazon service and would like to use this for a school class for on-line learning.

I’m not familiar with AWS so I would be glad if someone could suggest me the right configuration for the below use cases.

  1. One room: ~ 30 participants.
  2. Two rooms: ~ 15 participants/room.
  3. Usage: ~ 100hr/month

I guess the t2.medium or m5a.large would be a suitable choice.

Also I plan to reduce the default send resolution to 360p - or even to 180p if necessary in config.js. Can I expect that the required bandwith will be reduced nearly by 4 or 8?

After reading some topics in Jitsi Community I would like to clarify some facts/questions about the Jitsi Meet app (Android).

  1. Regardless of the send resolution set in config.js the app uses the maximum resolution of the camera if client has enough internet bandwith.

  2. Currently there is no option in the app to manually reduce the send resolution.



I also first tried this code creator package
I ended up starting with a fresh ubuntu image and installing myself as this package caused more problems than it solved.

Regarding sizing I am no expert yet we currently use a c5.xlarge as it is quite affordable and has good networking speed
First we used a really tiny t3 which worked but it was mainly for experimenting with jitsi
I later upgraded to the c5


Could you share some statistics?
number of rooms, number of participants per room, CPU, Memory, Network usage?


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