AWS Instance for a webinar with 200 or more partecipants

Hi, I would like to setup my own video conferencing sytem with Jitsi Meet, for a webinar, with one teacher and 200 or more partecipants.
I’am thinking to force everyone to start with audio and video muted, to disable all browsers except Chrome, to limit resolution to 480, and set lastN to 3 o 5.
Using AWS, would a 5d.4xlarge EC2 instance (16 vcpu, 32Gb ram) be a good choice?

Please refer: Maximum client limitted to 12 - #6 by xranby

Would you implement multiple bridges?

Ok, my ideas agree with those of the topic you referred, but are other interesting suggestions.
I don’t know how to setup multiple videobridges, can you give me some indications?
Many Thanks

There a lot of topics regarding using multiple videobridge, but in my case it’s useful if i can split a single conference between two or more videobridges.

If you cannot find a solution suitable for you I would recommend you to seek for commercial developers here.

The community call contained some important updates on the OCTO technology and deployment conciderations, that allows you to scale a conference to use more than one videobridge:

Could you please indicate where you could get information about using multiple video bridges? Is that available under

Here: jitsi-videobridge/ at master · jitsi/jitsi-videobridge · GitHub

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