AWS Image not working properly

Wie used this AWS Image to test Jitsi meet :

installed it according to setup list and opened firewall ports.

we can access the https page, and start new meeting.
in the meeting itself, we are not able to add text chat messages, audio or camera, as well as exiting the call again .

Can someone help on howto proceed here ?


You can start, with examing the client logs, what do you see in js console?

seems the instance docu is wrong for the setup.

nginx is configured to localhost example …

client js logs are pointing to:
Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

maybe the setup from [Code Creator] is not so good.

found the nginx log.
can we work without a domain name for a start ?

When installing you should enter the domain for which you have a DNS entry and you will be using to access the deployment.
You can start with a not existing domain and add it in your /etc/hosts so you can access and test the deployment from your PC.

as described above i used the Amazon AWS image linked in my first post above…

now trying to get an public DNS for my elastic ip adress, then add it

It is the first time I see that image, you better contact the creator of that image … not sure what it is and how it is configured.

better not to use it i think …

is there any other out of the box image we can use for testing ?

Nope, is what you can use.

ok thanks… i will try this quick isntallation
:wink: thanks

I can’t speak to how good it is (I haven’t seen the image before), but it is not something offered or supported by the jitsi team.


yes of course.

your link to the quick install worked perfectly and was ready in 10 minutes
… contracts thats cool :wink:

a last question: some clients facing high cpu load when connecting to a channel on this test server. any hint what cause it may have ?