[AVTCORE] RFC 6184 on RTP Payload Format for H.264 Video


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Тема: [AVTCORE] RFC 6184 on RTP Payload Format for H.264 Video
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        RFC 6184

        Title: RTP Payload Format for H.264 Video
        Author: Y.-K. Wang, R. Even,
                    T. Kristensen, R. Jesup
        Status: Standards Track
        Stream: IETF
        Mailbox: yekuiwang@huawei.com,
        Pages: 101
        Characters: 250627
        Obsoletes: RFC3984

        I-D Tag: draft-ietf-avt-rtp-rfc3984bis-12.txt

        URL: http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc6184.txt

This memo describes an RTP Payload format for the ITU-T
Recommendation H.264 video codec and the technically identical
ISO/IEC International Standard 14496-10 video codec, excluding the
Scalable Video Coding (SVC) extension and the Multiview Video Coding
extension, for which the RTP payload formats are defined elsewhere.
The RTP payload format allows for packetization of one or more
Network Abstraction Layer Units (NALUs), produced by an H.264 video
encoder, in each RTP payload. The payload format has wide
applicability, as it supports applications from simple low bitrate
conversational usage, to Internet video streaming with interleaved
transmission, to high bitrate video-on-demand.

This memo obsoletes RFC 3984. Changes from RFC 3984 are summarized
in Section 14. Issues on backward compatibility to RFC 3984 are
discussed in Section 15. [STANDARDS-TRACK]

This document is a product of the Audio/Video Transport Working Group of
the IETF.

This is now a Proposed Standard Protocol.

STANDARDS TRACK: This document specifies an Internet standards track
protocol for the Internet community,and requests discussion and suggestions
for improvements. Please refer to the current edition of the Internet
Official Protocol Standards (STD 1) for the standardization state and
status of this protocol. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

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        Date: May 2011

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