AV sync problems in Jitsi's own community call

Hi! Wondering why the AV sync was so bad on Jitsi’s very own community call… (March 23, 2020)
And how I might avoid that for my own installation.

Here’s the video… The first paragraph is close to in sync, then at the 10-second mark, there’s a little video hiccup, then sync goes wrong and stays wrong. Was the sync an issue on the live call? If not, maybe is this is a jibri issue?

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I have these same issues. I have used Jitsi self-hosted and the public server, same results. The A/V sync issues are awful. It makes it absolutely worthless for recording from. I love having to edit video for hours just to fix this. I suggest ya’ll start working on this issue, seems to have been a constant problem for years. Until then, I guess I’m going to start having to look into other options.

I asked this question on the community call. Here’s the multi-part answer:

  1. There is a Lipsync setting that is currently disabled because of some deep (internal) reasons (I think someone mentioned a dependency on jicofo), so that might be part of the problem.
  2. Jibri (which does the recording/streaming) might also be a culprit in the example recording posted above.
  3. I got the feeling this was considered “medium priority” since lipsync generally works pretty well.
  4. Emil said he’d welcome help in solving this.

For my part, I’d be happy to put my team on solving the problem if someone from the jitsi team could point us in the direction of the internal dependency is that is causing problems when the lipsync feature is enabled.

Also, just fyi, I plan to be running Jibri on “dedicated CPU” instances as a precaution, to minimize the risk a noisy neighbor might cause while streaming/recording.

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