AV Moderation Cannot "force mute" after allowing user to unmute

Currently once you allow a person to unmute there is no method to force mute them again. IE if a presenter is taking questions once that question is answered the presenter would like to remove the user’s privilege’s to unmute.

I think they’re still working out some kinks on this feature. But good observation though…

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I figured it was still a work in progress but thought I would mention it.

This is by design. If you are having a problem with a participant you can kick it and it will again go into the list of “forced muted”.

While that does work I hardly believe that the general populous would want to do this. Seems like being able to force mute people after unmuting them would be highly beneficial. Especially for schools, i.e.when students are presenting you could only allow those users to speak and then move too the next student.

Yep, I see your point but that makes the UI complex … we are waiting for the Product people to chime in … we may still start without this option and add it later … will see.


@damencho I didn’t get it. How kicking out the participant gonna move the participant to forced mute? AFAIK kick out means removing the participant from the conference itself.

obviously right, but see this issue; the use case for which this feature has been thought out is ‘public conference where trolls can invite themselves’. The use case ‘school’ where users have a right (and even an obligation) to be there but can be uruly has not been fully taken in account. It may be better to ship with a feature that don’t cover all use cases immediately than to dither and not ship.

And joining again it will be with new jid and in the force muted part of participants in the conference.

Got it. It makes sense now and looks promising.
Thanks @gpatel-fr and @damencho

hi @damencho,

is roadmap clarified about “force mute”? kicking a student to force mute is not a suitable way for us.

I want to ask this to clarify if i need to work on that feature or not.

It is already in master, you can check it out.


I tried #9875 feature at master but I can not revoke unmute right back. I can mute a participant but it is still in whitelist.

I can revoke mute right still by toggling “Allow Attendees to: Unmute Themselves”


  1. As Moderator A, uncheck “Allow Attendees to: Unmute Themselves”
  2. Ask to Unmute to a participant B
  3. Participant B unmute itself
  4. Participant A mutes B
  5. Participant can still unmute itself.

Revision Number: 535bd81d61bdeea4ee0d09c641a2366368cb06c3

This is by design as of now.

We plan to change it on the next iterations of the feature.

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