Autoscaling of Jitsi-Videobridges

We are currently working on hosting Jitsi on Kubernetes.
However, we are now having questions regarding the autoscaling of the JVBs, each of them in an own pod:

  1. When the autoscaler decides to scale down, we might see the case, that there is still a conference running in a pod, which is chosen to be stopped. As far as we understood, this is were the graceful_shutdown script comes into play. With the graceful_shutdown script, the JVB tells Jicofo to not allocate conferences at this JVB anymore and if the conference has ended, it ends the JVB process. Is that correct? And how does the communication with Jicofo work in detail?

  2. Can Jicofo reallocate the conferences of exiting JVBs? This is indicated here: Scale Videobridge inside kubernetes in the answer of Kroev. If so, the conference is interrupted?

  3. How do you deal with scaling down of JVBs at Do you run the graceful_shutdown script and wait for the conferences on a JVB to disappear? If that is the case: is your scaling mechanism blocked if there is a JVB that should be dropped, but has still conferences? What happens if another JVB does not have any conferences in the mean time? Does the scaler recognize it and shuts down this one instead? And what happens if the conference takes so long, that the system should upscale again?

Thank you!

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I have the exact same doubts!

Hi Mvkert, Were you succesful in your implementation? I would be really keen to speak to you about your experience? Thanks

Hi domhacking,

Luckily, we are working in an open source project and we are in the final stages of the project.
Have a look at We welcome your questions and ideas for improvement.

Mvkert, Thank for your quick response. I will look read through the repository and let you know if I have any questions or feedback. Thanks!

Hello @mvkert Do you have the kubernetes Yamls for scaling Videobridges?

Thank you!

Did you guys solve these questions? I have similar questions

Hi @mvkert,

Thanks for taking the time to answer my previous question. I had a couple of follow up questions:

  • Where do you pull the latest Jitsi code from in your repository?
  • Are we able to customise Jitsi?
  • We want to deploy to google cloud platform. Do we need to set up any limits?

Thanks again for you help.



Ok, so I have found where the Jitsi code is pulled in through in your project.