Automatically video off

Hi Guys,

Is there an option to disable the Webcam on Start to reduce bandwidth and Server load?

But it should be still possible to manually enable the Webcam.

I checked some threads and it seems that “startWithVideoMuted” can do the trick but I tried and it didn’t work.

Can anyone help?

That is the one and it is working:

Where I can add this …I am adding this in interface_config.js . But it doesn’t seems to work.

This is not interface config option, this is config option, you need to add it to your config.js

Hey @damencho thanks. It worked for web app. But it is not working for android app. What extra thing I have to do?

@damencho Also in my app share screen button is not visible. It is visible on website though.

@damencho Can you please let me know how can I turnn off video in jitsi mobile?

@damencho I would like to do the same thing. This option is not working Android.