Automatically Record a Jitsi meeting

Is it possible to automatically start recording a meeting when it starts? rather requiring user interaction. also Grid view by default

There is no such option for recroding, but tileview is default now for participants 3 and above.

all our meetings have 5+ users. so will the recorder auto switch to tileview?

If you use the IFRAME API (IFrame API · Jitsi Meet Handbook) there is a startRecording tag where you can automatically start de meeting recording without user interaction.

So this is only if the link is embedded and not if you go to the site?

If you have your own installation instead of using the default page for entering on a meeting you embeed the frame in a webpage you control… follow the Handbook its really straight forward.


and I can make the iframe as big as needed? and all the features are retained?

that is correct, you can customize completely the meet looks, buttons, title etc…