Automatical Switching to the speaker does not work with the latest update

You’re right @gpatel-fr,
This option is only for the url send to the client.
It should be set to true.

Hi, I tried, after which the interlocutor stopped seeing and hearing me, just as I stopped seeing and hearing him

I have been sending the magazine since October 29, just when there was a big conference. The log size is 11 megabytes. I share through the cloud.
passwd: qaJ3Jjgp

Websocket accesses return status 200, that is, they succeed from the point of view of Nginx. So your Nginx config is correct and websockets are enabled. Now how comes that they are not working ? Are they now ?

I have disabled websockets on my test server and displayed the statistics for the other ‘participant’ in a test meeting. Here it is (hope you appreciate the attention, hope it will make up for the time wasted !)


So the lines 2 to 4 are displayed as N/A - not available. It’s to be expected, since statistics are passed to the workstation through websockets, no websockets, no statistics. Note that statistics are not displayed immediately as statistics are only sent every 30 seconds or something like that.

Now do you see numbers when you click on participants in your meetings ? That would mean that websockets are working in your setup - and that Ivan Pavlov was right after all :slight_smile:

thanks for the detailed answer, but still wanted to understand what should I do with my problem? The system also does not focus on the speaker automatically when he starts speaking
Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

Something else is running on TCP/9090


Yes, the cockpit works. Thanks for the tip, how could I have missed this. I’ll try to turn it off.

Dear friends, thanks to everyone who helped, the problem was solved by disabling the cockpit. Health to all !

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