Automatic Recording on Server side

Im new to Jitsi / jbri, I successfully installed jitsi , jibri and all its components, now i need to record all my conferences automatically to my jitsi server HDD, with out notifying recording to all participants.

I found few settings on config, which is following, but i did not found detailed description / documents, Im not sure is this configurations help me.

autoCaptionOnRecord: false,

A quick help will be highly appreciated

Any update on this, @pulliyilharis?

Let me know if you find a way. Meanwhile you can use an empty silent mp3 fine & replace it in /use/share/jitsi-meet folder

could you please elaborate i still struggling for automatic recording at server side, conferencing working fine,even manual record also shows issue while we pressing record button, we are not configured drop box.

you cannot record automatically on the server sideā€¦ AFAIK

what issues are you facing when you start recording?

please post your jibri & jicofo logs

From jibri server

From jitsi server

Please confirm the following:

  1. Java version on jibri server
  2. googlechrome version
  3. did u check in sndloop was working as per the install guide?