Automatic recording of meetings with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Hi guys, first of all I apologize for my English, and I take this opportunity to congratulate you all for the great job doing in Jitsi.

I need to record all the meetings that take place on my jitsi server, Jibri is not currently an option due to the infrastructure it need, (1 room - 1 Jibri).

Looking for alternatives I found OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), with it I can record the meetings as a user “iAmRecorder” and inside the “HiddenDomain” so that nobody can see it, using the WebSocket Pluggin I can automate the start and stop of the recordings.

Everything works great, i can record several meetings simultaneously, but I need your help to finish automating everything.

I have a module that only allows the access to rooms with names enabled and when the moderator leaves the room is destroyed.

I need help to run a script having the “room name”.sh
(each room has its own script) every time a room is enabled (A moderator enter). And another when the room is destroyed.

I have the script ready, but i don’t know how to make it take the “room name” and add it to the code.

Thank you very much in advance.


what a great approach.
can you please tell me more about your approach?
was your way of recording server side?
please give me some clue.
thanks in advance.