Automatic launch of screen sharing

Hello everyone, I’m technically a beginner, i have a question related to jitsi meeting, I’m working on a vm, I want to launch a screen sharing on the virtual machine automitacally when the meeting start without loggin on it. Is there a way to do it?
Thanks in advance

If you are not in the meeting which desktop will be shared?

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thanks for your quick answer, I want to share all the screen. is it possible?

@mdev but what screen though, if no one is logged in? Or are you saying you want everyone who joins a meeting to start sharing their screen automatically?

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I mean only the host can start sharing the screen automatically without getting the message “which screen to share”, here a link i created, open it, it will ask you which screen to share, I want it the whole screen default automatically without asking me which one to share:

Ooooh I see. You want to restrict the screen options available for sharing. This is not an available configuration option; you would need to dig in the code to do that for your use case.

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Well thanks for your answer tho, I’m digging, I think it’s related to google chrome itself not to the url i created

Right - hence my point that you’d need to dig in the code. You would need to hide those other tabs that show up when you activate screen sharing so that only “Your entire screen” is available.