Autofilled password, now what?


So I’ve modified and built the Android SDK from source. I’m able to auto-fill the password and join a locked room. I can hear the audio from the other end, but the view doesn’t refresh to show the other participant details as it normally would if the password was filled in manually.

Basically, I’m hijacking the password prompt in /room-lock/components/PasswordRequiredPrompt.native.js to directly fill the password instead of showing a form. I’ve copied the onsuccess algo into a componentDidMount() and I’ve also had the render function return null/true.

It basically looks like this:

    const { conference }: { conference: { join: Function } } = this.props;

    this.props.dispatch(setPassword(conference, conference.join, "testingpassword"));

    return true;

render() {
    const { password } = this.state;

    return (true);

I’ve also tried a similar thing in the upstream /room-lock/actions.js but that doesn’t even produce the audio.

Admittedly, I’m an amateur react dev. Any advice on how to properly auto-fill the password?

Anyone got any ideas on this?

Maybe someone can guide me on which files I need to look into? Thanks.