Auto Scaling Jitsi Meet in the Cloud for big setup with multiple videobriges

Dear All,

We need to setup a big Jitsi Meet server for host big conferences , Please guide me ,

i have makea jitsi meet server with multiple videobriges on Azure but faseing below Problem

we are configuring auto-scale to video Bridge. That is working But when new video bridge is created it moves the users connected to the first Video Bridge to another, as a result, the users that are moved to the second video bridge lost connection till the time they refresh the screen. How we can change the setting so that only new users joining are connected to the new video bridge rather than moving the existing user

Send the configuration file?

This may help

my setup on Azure cloud with Auto scale , So Please guide me for Autoscale on Cloud ,

i follow this link for installation =

any update

Check my guide. This is not an official doc but it may be helpful.

Install JMS and one additional JVB. Then multiply the JVB using the auto-scaling tools. I don’t know how auto-scaling works on Azure but I use this method on AWS

Dear Sir,

Please explain how to do in AWS, Also send me sample configurations, so that i move to AWS